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A virtual world beyond your imagination!

Adding FUN to your life!

About Us

Neko & Inu Corporation is a global joint venture between a Hong Kong consortium and casino in Cambodia with the support of an international digital platform, Lemon Game.


We are a Player vs Player (PvP) gaming platform that provides interaction within the gaming community and in the future, we aim to form a full gaming eco-system ensuring all players have an enjoyable and yet beneficial game.


With our fun interactive game, we are confident that our players will earn as they play. Using the latest technology, we provide full decentralization, identity protection, and round-the-clock transaction security.

Neko-Inu.global allows players to care for digital pets in the virtual world.

There are set objectives for the users, but they are expected to feed and care for their pets when they grow hungry or ill.


Pets will not die if neglected, but user’s attention to their pet can limit their gameplay.

Pets come in a variety of breeds and colours. Users can interact with their pets. Pets can be customized with certain clothing items, and accessories. Users can build a customizable home for their pets and furnish it with furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. Pets can battle against other Pets but they will not die.

Variety of
Pet Breeds & Colors

Introduction to Neko-Inu!

What is Neko-Inu?

Neko-Inu is a gaming platform for everyone to have fun while earning USDT.

Why Neko-Inu?

At Neko-Inu you get an interactive Player to Player game with your friends, family, and love ones.

Who wins?


Neko-Inu is a virtual planet co-inhabited with other users.

There are various games and users will be rewarded.

Date & Time

Neko-Inu follows its own calendar and time zone, which runs concurrent with real-world GMT and has tie-ins with certain real-world holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.


Neko-Inu uses a reliable currency, USDT. Users can earn them through various means including playing games and selling pets, which can be used to purchase accessories or purchase different pets.
While there are set objectives for users, interactive storylines are sometimes released that introduce changes to the virtual world for added fun.


  • Users can earn USDT from playing games.
  • There are a variety of games provided, which include action, puzzles, and luck-based & chance games.
  • Most games have no set maximum earnings or playtime.
  • Players may also earn points & bonuses will be awarded upon reaching goals.
  • Many single-player and multiplayer browser games are available.
  • Challenges may be made against other players or random players for USDT and from the jackpot.
  • Monthly competitions also exist for multiplayer games with elimination rounds.


  • Neko & Inu has a community for users to chat with and contact other users.
  • Each user has their own profile they can edit and are represented by avatars provided by the website, as users cannot upload their own.
  • Most avatars must be “unlocked” by completing certain in-game tasks, such as winning a contest or getting a high score on a game.
  • Users may request other users to be “NeNu friends” or block other users from contacting them.